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Improving Prescribing Practice with ScriptSwitch

Salford PCT enjoyed savings of £463,000 just eight months after the introduction of ScriptSwitch software, outstripping their forecasted cost benefit by £350,000. In October 2007 the PCT rolled out the system across all of its 55 practices, with the initial aim of improving the provision of patient care and making cost savings of at least £110,000 per annum.

The Head of Medicines Management, Peter Jones, called ScriptSwitch in to discuss this ambitious project.

“We wanted to find an alternative approach to encourage better clinical practice and more efficient prescribing. This system delivers key information, cost savings and guidance on a single screen, it’s a ‘tap on the shoulder’ to GP’s which can be accepted or rejected. Importantly, the GP’s still retain clinical freedom but can action changes with a single mouse click.”

The PCT needed to measure changes in prescribing practice, which was made possible due to the logging capabilities of the software. Sue Duffield, Best Value Project Manager was particularly impressed with the speed of information transmission:

“Our GP’s value the ability to receive current, flexible prescribing advice instantly. Recently we had a situation where ScriptSwitch was updated within 48 hours of a supply problem, providing a channel of communication superior to anything else.”The project has been a resounding success as Peter Jones explained:

“The software has delivered incredible results for us and it’s having a huge impact on issues faced locally, enabling the PCT to provide better patient care with significant, real time cost savings and the potential for further benefits in the future.”