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Central Sheffield Consortium

Using ScriptSwitch to Support GP Prescribing and Improve Patient Care

Just over a year ago, Central Sheffield Consortium, one of the four Practice Based Commissioning (PBC) consortiums within NHS Sheffield, invested in the services of ScriptSwitch to support GP prescribing and help improve patient care.

The area has particularly high COPD and diabetes morbidity, and consequently dedicated services that can help minimise the need for affected patients to be seen in secondary care are actively sought and established. The consortium prescribing sub-group worked with local pharmacists, PCT pharmacists and GPs to establish what improvements could be made. In the process they discovered ScriptSwitch.

Since implementing practice based commissioning, Central Sheffield Consortium has been able to make considerable cost savings, which the consortium decided to reinvest into patient service initiatives such as ScriptSwitch.

The benefit of being part of a PBC group is that clinicians are at the forefront of the decision making process, allowing services to be refined according to patient needs. For us, the key reason for using ScriptSwitch is to provide improved patient care through evidence-based and cost-effective decision making, without removing the autonomy of our GPs.” - Michelle Wilde, Practice Based Commissioning Manager at Central Sheffield Consortium

Information about the ScriptSwitch offering was shared with the wider consortium group resulting in an agreement to proceed. When Michelle and her team embarked on using the service, the consortium’s prescribing sub-group worked in conjunction with the ScriptSwitch medicines management team to tailor the profile to meet their local requirements. On setting up the profile, Michelle says, “We were conscious that it could be a fair amount of information for GPs to take on initially, so we decided to implement ScriptSwitch in a progressive manner. The ScriptSwitch medicines management team were really helpful in building the initial profile. They identified the most frequently accepted recommendations by GPs from across the UK and we used this as the starting point.”

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