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North Highland CHP

ScriptSwitch Aids Prescribing in Remote Areas

North Highland Community Health Partnership (CHP), part of NHS Highland, is the most northern CHP in mainland Scotland. It is a remote area covering 7,800 km2 with 17 practices serving a total of 39,000 patients. The large distances between each practice means that Clare Morrison, Lead Pharmacist at North Highland CHP, has to travel for up to two and a half hours each way to visit practices.  

Clare implemented ScriptSwitch to help overcome the difficulties that the location can present. It ensures that practitioners within the CHP always have the most accurate prescribing information, drug and patient safety notifications, and cost saving recommendations at their disposal, to facilitate their decision making during consultations.

Clare was introduced to ScriptSwitch by a practice manager who had read about the service in Prescriber. Following further research and discussion with the CHP management team, ScriptSwitch was initiated in March 2009 across six practices with the right clinical systems to support the service,

“Due to the rural nature of our location, and as I am currently the only pharmacist within our CHP prescribing support team, it is very hard to regularly visit all the practices to have face-to-face meetings. I was therefore extremely keen to implement the ScriptSwitch service as it supports me in providing GPs across the CHP with up-to-date information as soon as it is available. Updates such as Highland Formulary changes, drug costs changes and formulation switch information can be delivered to our GPs immediately, allowing them to make more informed prescribing decisions.”

Setting up the recommendation profile need not be difficult, although attempting this single-handedly in addition to her existing workload was challenging for Clare. Therefore, she turned to the services of the ScriptSwitch medicines management team for help.

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