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Innovative Use of ScriptSwitch Generates Greater Cost Savings

As a ScriptSwitch customer for over five years, the Cwm Taf Medicines Management Team has found an innovative way of using ScriptSwitch - to undertake selected switch programmes, quickly and efficiently, to achieve significant cost savings without affecting the quality of patient care.

In 2009, Brian Hawkins, Head of Medicines Management at Cwm Taf Local Health Board (LHB) and his team of Prescribing Advisors wanted to implement a cost effectice switch from generic salbutamol to a branded product for all their practices.

“On average, it was three times quicker to complete the switch programme in a practice with ScriptSwitch installed compared to a practice without."- Elly Thomas, Prescribing Adviser

Normally, to undertake a large scale switch programme such as this you would have to identify the patients; go into each patients repeat medication record; edit the salbutamol entry and change it to the branded product, and then make sure that the dosage instructions, quantity and number of issues were the same. All of this would have to be done manually, which is very time consuming and increases the possibility of human error.

Through the use of ScriptSwitch, however, you can facilitate such switch programmes by simply adding the switch to the local recommendation profile. Once this is done, the only action required is to accept the ScriptSwitch recommendation window which then automatically amends the patient’s repeat medication to the branded product whilst keeping the dosage instructions, quantity and number of issues unchanged.

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